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Talent Show Auditions

Auditions for this years Talent Show are going well. Auditions were open to any student in 2nd - 5th grade. We have had many student auditioning. We are so blessed with such talented students here at SDES. Obviously, we do not have room for all acts. It is going to be tough deciding who will be in our talent show this year. A decision will be made by Friday afternoon and I will post the list of participating students by 4:00PM on Friday. The final list will be posted on this page. Thank you to everyone who showed an interested in being in the SDES Talent Show.


The following students will be participating in the 2015 Talent Show on May 1st

2nd Grade

Alexis M. and Destany G.

Autumn J.

Abbie W.

Skylar D.

Annabelle Z.

Elena S.

Gretchen E.

Carly C.

Caitlyn S.


3rd Grade

Elizabeth R.

Cael H.

Ava F.

Skylar S.


4th Grade

Sydney W.

Wyatt K.

Aerial S.

Ally L. and Haley T.

Maddy M.

Sigourney N.

Carsen K.

Ashlyn E. and Baylee H.

Noelle L.

Laurie W.

Darlene M.


5th Grade

Camellia M.

Catie S.

Dax L.

Caitlen B.

Taya T.

Katie L.

Blakie C.

Victoria J.

Kelsey B.

Faith P.

Sadie B.

Al Dean F.

Emma R.

Olivia A.

Briana B., Chloe G. and Sarah C.

Emma G.