It's a great day at the South Douglas Elementary Bear Cub Cafe!

Kathy Mooney          Manager

Kathy Brown            Assistant Manager                                                     


Students are encouraged to participate in the school nutrition programs.  Nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches are available to all students.  Menus are planned by a registered dietitian.  Breakfasts are designed to meet one-fourth of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients for Americans.  Lunches meet one-third of the recommended daily allowance.  Several choices in menu offerings are available.  Prices are $1.25 for student breakfast and $2.00 for lunch.   A student who brings his/her lunch from home may purchase milk for $.55.  Students may purchase extra milk to go along with their lunch which includes one milk.  Students may purchase ice cream for $.75.  Students may not take extra entrees or ice cream out of their lunch accounts.  Likewise, they will not be allowed to buy extra entrees or ice cream if they owe lunch charges.

A parent who wishes to join a child for lunch should make a reservation no later than 9:00 am on the day he/she wishes to eat at the school.  An adult lunch is $3.50 and an adult breakfast is $2.00.  

The Cafe phone number is (770) 651-4523