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1st Grade


I am a product of the Douglas County School System!  I proudly attended Winston Elementary, Fairplay Middle and Alexander High School.  After I graduated from high school I began my college career at State University of West Ga then moved to Mercer University where I graduated with honors and received my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  I recently completed my Masters Degree in Elementary Reading at Nova Southeastern University.  It was a lot of work, but the time and effort it took is worth it.  I learned so much and I am so excited to use my new skills and information in my classroom to better the educational experience of my students.     

I am so proud to be a teacher here at South Douglas!  I honestly get up every morning and I can't wait to get to work.  Teaching is my passion.  It is something that I take pride in.  I always try to give 100% of myself to my students and their needs.  I feel that teaching is a combination of an art and a science.  It is a science because of the technical manner in which teacher's use certain skills to teach.  It is also an art because it requires a great deal of creativity and imagination.  My goal as an educator is to help my students become successful lifelong learners.  It is my job to provide the experiences so this will happen.  Throughout the year as I watch my students grow academically (as well as grow taller and stronger), I am always touched by how big of a part I play in their lives.  I know that each school year is only a short time, but for the small amount of time I do have with a class; I will always do my best to guide them with a gentle hand and a loving heart. 


2004 - Present: 1st Grade Teacher South Douglas Elementary


 I live in Douglasville with my husband Keith and our three kids.  I love to share stories about my children with my students and they enjoy it too.   When I am not working I enjoy running and spending time watching my kids participate in sports.  I love doing just about anything outside.